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Piano Fun for Kids (ages 4-8)

This unique weekly group program is a fun introduction to music and piano. In addition to being hands on at the keyboard, children will learn about and explore music with crafts, games, prizes and other fun activities! This class teaches children the concepts that will prepare them for formal music lessons such as note reading, finger placement, music symbols and note values. They will also learn about and see many different instruments (saxophone, guitar, violin, clarinet, ukulele, marimba, flute, etc.)  This is an excellent starting point for a child who shows an interest in music/piano! If you would like to work with your child on the concepts at home, there is an optional $10 fee for the “Piano Fun for Kids” Guide that goes along with this class.

*It is not required to have a keyboard or a piano at home to take this class. 

Traveling Musical Instrument Museum (3 to school age)

This very special, fun, educational and high energy event gives children the opportunity to learn about, see, hear and play a variety of musical instruments.  Brass, woodwinds, strings, percussion, as well as unusual instruments will be introduced.  The “Traveling Musical Instrument Museum" program includes fun sing-a-longs, dancing, musical games and a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT PETTING ZOO!

Location and times are TBA