Some of Dayle Music's recent visits include: George School Children's Center, Sunny Tree House, All Saints Day School, Play and Learn, Malvern School,  Crossroads Country Day School, Newtown Parks and Rec, Northampton Library, Wrightstown Library, God's Love Preschool, Kids Creative Care, Temple Judea, Bright Horizons, Just Like Home, Goddard School

Do you want to bring Dayle Music (General Music or Traveling Musical Instrument Museum) to your preschool?  Here is a list of the fun and educational concepts our music classes will provide for your students:

Basic Music Theory, Note Reading, and other Music Concepts- Children will learn to read music, basic keyboard skills, and music theory.  I use a variety of games, teaching tools, worksheets, and other fun activities.. 

Sing Along/Chorus- Children will learn various fun, traditional, holiday/seasonal and other well-loved songs.  They will learn rhythm and how to keep a beat to the music.

Movement and Dance- Children will learn the movements and activities that go along with the songs they are taught (London Bridges Falling Down, Farmer in the Dell, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Hokey Pokey, etc.).  In addition, children will learn fun modern dances (Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide, Macarena, etc.). 

Music Genres and Musical Instruments- Children will learn about and hear various musical genres.   I focus on different composers and styles of music such as Marching Band, Jazz, Classical, World Music, etc.  Children get to see, hear and learn about the instruments that are used in these genres.  I have many instruments that I bring in, such as the saxophone, flute, clarinet, drum, electric bass, and trumpet.  Instruments that I don’t have will be introduced with recordings and pictures.  Also, my keyboard makes the sounds of all the instruments which the children love to hear.

Musical Story Time- I have a wonderful variety of age appropriate picture books that correlate with the music genres/composers we are learning about.

Crafts- I do occasional music crafts with the children that relate to what we are learning in music such as marching band batons, drums, musical instrument collage, etc.  (I provide all craft materials).

Simple Instruments- Children learn about music using Boomwhackers, rhythm sticks, kazoos, and shakers (I provide these instruments).

Performance- Children learn to feel comfortable performing in front of others.  I have the children take turns helping me to lead songs when I play piano.  They get to perform using my tambourine and other instruments (some that are used by professional musicians).   We will also put on a show for their parents to display what they've been learning in class.